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  • Personal Data
  • Name: Borja Mayoral Mora
  • Born on April 5, 1997
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Professional data
  • Position: Forward
  • Years as a professional: 2
  • Formed Team: Real Madrid Castilla C.F.
  • Current Team: Vfl Wolfsburgo



I was born in Getafe on April 5 of 1997, although I am really from Parla, because that is where I grew up. Mi strong bond with my brother Cristian, “Kity” as we call him, had a lot to do with my football obsession. My brother is the one who taught me how to play football, we would play anywhere, sometimes in the street and others even inside the house. I used to go watch him play with his team and that is when I fell in love with the sport.

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My first team was my neighborhood’s local team, Fuentebella. I played indoor football for them until 2004, when I changed teams to the A.D.Parla. I was seven years old and I wanted to play football field. Back in the day I did not play as a striker, I was playing on the midfield. I scored many goals and teams such as Rayo, Getafe, Atletico and Real Madrid, showed interest on me.

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Real Madrid wanted mo to do their team tryouts so they contacted A.D.Parla. I have always been a Real Madrid fan, so when I heard about the good news, I did not think it twice. I trained with them for a month an they told me that they wanted me in. I joined them in 2007 and started playing for the Alevin B team. The coach was Santiago Solari, who is now assistant coach for Castilla, he was the person that made me play as a striker. He asked me if I liked to play offense and I loved it. In 2008 I moved up to Alevin A team and we went to play the football 7 a-side National Tournament. That competition was special for all the kids because the best grassroots teams of the country were there and it was broadcasted on TV. From that tournament I will always remember this play against Atheltic v=KJEp3H8Jx-c I continued my improvement and formation in La Fabrica and in the 2009-2010 season, when I was in the Under-14 B team I met the person that helped the most in Real Madrid, he knows me as good as my dad, the great Juanjo Vallina. Juanjo shadowed me since I met him until the Under-18 category.

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UNDER-18 C. TEAM (2013-14)

This was the season when I scored the most. I scored 50 goals in the league. Also I was the top-scorer of the Under-17 World Cup, we won that tournament. That was a great year because I also made my debut with the Under-17 national Spanish team, as a consequence I moved up to the Under-18 A in Real Madrid.

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UNDER-18 A. TEAM (2014-15)

My first time moving up two categories at once was a whole experience. Ramis was the coach and we played the Youth League and the Copa del Rey U-18 final, where we lost against Rayo Vallecano. I remember was showed red card and therefore sent off, that was the only red card of my life and made me learn. I also made my debut with Castilla that season. We were heading to the Flecha Negra field with the Under-18 A team when Ramis told me that the next day I would go play with Castilla. I played five minutes with my team and on Suday Zidane gave me 15 minutes against Getafe. On the next match I played also with Castilla and I scored my first goal with them at home, it was against Sestao.

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The European U-19 in Greece was the highlight of the season. Being able to represent your country in such a tough competition is a huge feeling. When we won the title that was the biggest thing for me, also I finished as top-scorer, and that is a pride that I will always keep in my memory.

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Right after we conquered the Under-19 European tournament, I made one more dream come true as I traveled with the Real Madrid first team and made my debut against Bayern in the Allianz Arena Stadium. What an unbelievable experience was to see me surrounded by my idols and working with them. During that season I figured in the Castilla team, although I also played the Youth League with the Under-18 A. team, which allowed me to score 15 goals in the competition, a number that nobody overcame. In spite of the personal success, I was sad that we could not make it to the final after all the effort that the team put in. My first complete season with the Castilla team was good. First with Zidane and then with Ramis on the bench, we finished first in our group. Although we could not finish the year on a high note achieving the promotion to a higher category. However, the best part of that year was definitely my debut with the first team. I will always be thankful to Benitez and Zidane as coaches for making me fulfill my dream. I remember Benitez made me play against Las Palmas at the Bernabeu, and with Zidane it happened on a derby! which is a dream for any Real Madrid fan. Also I had the privilege to play as a starter against Levante and Celta.

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On a national note, the season 2015-16 was very positive. In October I made my debut against Georgia. I believe any striker would ask for a first time like mine, right six minutes after i jumped on the pitch I scored my first goal.

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On July 20 I left the preseason with Real Madrid in Canada to start a new adventure in my career. I was loan to Wolfsburg in order to grow up as a player in a competitive league like the Bundesliga.