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Favorite Music Style:

Rap and reggaeton

A song:

Hasta que se seque el malecón.

A movie:

The Spanish movie clled “The Longest Penalty Shot in the World.

An actor and an actress:

Will Smith and Margot Robbie

A game console and a video game:

Play Station 4 and FIFA

A TV show:

The walking dead

A city:


A book:

Think good, feel good

A virtue and a flaw:

I'm smart, but a little stubborn sometimes


Benzema and my father

Your first memory in football:

The final of the 2002 Champions league and Zidane’s volley goal

A desire:

Being great in football

If you were not a footballer you'd be ?:

A Singer

Your biggest vice:

The FIFA game

Favorite food:

Fried eggs with fries and ham

Who you gave you your first boots?:

My parents

What do yo hate most?:


A goal of yours that you wont forget:

The goal at the final of the Under-19 European tournament

The first person you call after a game:

My Father

A perfect day:

With my friends and my family

A sport and an athlete:

Rafa Nadal and Tennis

A match that you will never forget:

The derby that I played against Atletico at the Bernabeu

A whim that you cand afford thanks to football:

A car

Pregame Superstitions:

I always enter the pitch with the right foot

An unforgettable image:

Standing at the Bernabeu as a player

You last tear:

With my friends